African Forage, Fodder, Feed & Food (F4) Quality Reference Laboratory


To quantify and qualify the quality of all forage and pasture species in Africa.


To develop and maintain an online forage quality database and digital information platform for Africa.

Forages and pastures:

  • are the foundation and key component of any sustainable livestock production system or animal that has a forage based diet.
  • are an abundant source of nutrients
  • are essential for animal performance
  • include grazing, hay, haylage and silage.
  • palatability, acceptability and intake are important to know
  • chemical, physical, and structural characteristics determine the quality of forage.
  • poorly managed result in anti-quality factors being more prevalent
  • characteristics affect their quality and need to be determined and measured.
  • irrigated with polluted water or grown in polluted soils, affect the quality of forages
  • The African Forage Quality Reference Laboratory’s
    Forage Quality Evaluation Programme is building a database of all forages grown for and ingested by herbivores
  • Laboratory analytical interests include:

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) and Wet Chemistry of