Management Committee Members

Prof. Wayne F. Truter
Prof. Wayne F. TruterResearch Programme Director
(Integrated Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

Research interests:
Forage & Pasture Production and Management, Land Reclamation

Ms. Makda Mahrai
Ms. Makda MahraiLaboratory Projects Coordinator
BSc.Agric (Hons)

Research Interests:
Forage quality; NIRS; Methane production

Dr. Angelique Kritzinger
Dr. Angelique Kritzinger Education Coordinator
(Science Education)

Research Interests:
Agricultural Science Education
Curricula development and professional development

Prof. Quenton Kritzinger
Prof. Quenton KritzingerProgramme Committee Member
(Plant Pathology)

Research interests:
Mycotoxins; Botanical pesticides